Welcome to my newest Weird West campaign!

Prepping for a start in early January, 2017, "What we Leave Behind" follows the exploits of a posse of heroes with a shared past, reunited months later, working for the eccentric Professor Solomon Francis DuBois.  

As the Curator, Executive Director & Visionary of a brand new museum dedicated to spreading "Culture and Enlightenment to the Wild West" just outside Denver, DuBois has offered the heroes long-term employment to act as "agents" of the museum across North America.  From attending estate sales to delving deep into caverns searching for forgotten relics, acting as bodyguards for visiting investors and other important people, and even traveling into dangerous Indian Territories, the posse certainly will earn their keep!


  • Television: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.; Wild, Wild West; Warehouse 13; Deadwood; The Librarians; Legend; The Strain; Preacher; Supernatural; Wynonna Earp
  • Movies: The Man With No Name Trilogy; Indiana Jones; National Treasure; Tombstone; The Unforgiven; Pale Rider; Maverick; Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, The Burrowers; Ghost Town; The Three Amigos; Blazing Saddles
  • Books/Comics: The Relic, The Sixth Gun; Preacher; The Walking Dead

Game Style

The campaign will ideally be a fairly balanced mix of role-play and combat, and while there is a planned "campaign arc", it is intentionally set up as malleable, in order to allow for both freedom of choice in character action, as well as for the inclusion of character-driven plots (and sub-plots) within the larger storyline.

I always say I see a good campaign like a good television series – able to intermingle character-driven plots, "mythology" plots, and the occasional "monster-of-the-week" in a careful balance.

Generally, my adventures, or "episodes", are intended for single-night play, though depending how deep the role-play goes, they could extend further, as long as everyone is remaining engaged.  This sets the idea, with a 1-2 per month frequency, of completing a single "season" in approximately one year of real time.

Game Rules

The game rules will be based on the Deadlands Classic rule set, Revised Edition.  A free copy of the PDF can be found here.  

Some situations may be house-ruled, as appropriate – I prize a good story over "rule lawyering" any day of the week.  If and when those situations develop, I'll attempt to note them here, so we can keep consistency throughout the campaign.   Truth be told, it's been a long time since I had a chance to really play, so hopefully you'll all bear with me if I make a mistake here and there. :)

Character Creation Guidelines

Deadlands - What We Leave Behind

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