Edward Amherst, Phd

A British scholar doing fieldwork in the American west.


General Information

  • Age: 35 (Born in 1839)
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • General Appearance: Dr. Edward Amherst is of average height (5’9”) with a trim build. He could better be described as more wiry than muscled. He has extraordinarily quick hands. He wears his light brown hair slicked back, and prefers to wear a goatee and mustache. No need of glasses for his green eyes yet. When in town, he prefers to wear a navy frock coat styled suit with top hat and wingtips, with silver cuff links and pocket watch. When researching out in the field, Edward prefers his olive drab waterproofed canvas duster, blue jeans, a khaki workshirt, boots and a battered fedora, and wears a battered watch on a leather bracer. In either case, he is seldom parted from his carved ebony walking stick. When appropriate, he carries a well maintained double action Colt Peacemaker.


Cognition: 3d10

  • Scrutinize: 2; Search: 2
    Deftness: 1d6
  • Shootin’ (Pistol): 3; Sleight o’ Hand: 1
    Knowledge: 1d12
  • Academia (Occult, History): 5; Area Knowledge (England): 2; Language (Latin): 3; Medicine (General): 1; Hexslinging: 5; Science (Chemistry): 1
    Mien: 2d6
    Nimbleness: 3d6
  • Climbin’: 1; Fightin’ (Brawlin’): 4; Horse Ridin’: 3; Sneak: 1
    Quickness: 4d12
    Smarts: 1d10
  • Gamblin’: 1; Survival (Plains): 1
    Spirit: 1d10
  • Guts: 2
    Strength: 4d6
    Vigor: 4d8
    Wind: 18
    Edges: Arcane Background: Huckster 3, Gift of Gab 1, Dinero 1 (research grant from Cambridge)
    Hindrances: Ferner -3 (Englishman), Curious -3, Law o’ the West -3 (a true gentleman), Hankerin’ 1 (tobacco)


  • Edward is friendly, but not especially charming. He goes off on tangents often, which can be a bit off-putting; nobody really cares about that obscure battle you are referencing. He thinks it ludicrous that the Union expects to reclaim the South; once you’ve enshrined the principle of rebellion, it’s a bit hard to object to it, eh? He is insatiably curious, and this will likely result in Edward studying many fields of learning. He also is the epitome of the refined British gentleman: he behaves chivalrously towards women and children, refuses to cheat at cards or sport, and avoids strong language in polite company. Edward is not particularly religious, but is polite towards clergy. He is partial to a good smoke, but takes care not do so around ladies and children, as he considers it a bad and impolite habit. Edward has found he rather enjoys the freedom of the frontier, but he can easily get lost for days in a new library.
  • He isn’t too particular about being called “Doctor Amherst”; he’d rather not be assumed a physician. Then again, perhaps he could learn a bit more about medicine; he’d be a damn sight better than most of the charlatans practicing. He would like to learn true fencing, as a proper gentleman. And he absolutely must learn some of these marvelous tribal languages! Despite his education, he genuinely does not try to talk down to people.
  • He’s generally pretty cautious with his abilities as a huckster; he’s still unsure on what exactly he can get away with, both socially and metaphysically.

Edward Amherst, Phd

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