Deadlands - What We Leave Behind

1x00 - What's Past Is Prologue

…In which our heroes first become allies, hired by one of the most influential "robber barons" of the Weird West to find and retrieve his prodigal son, on the cusp of the New Year.  But what seemed like a simple escort mission soon becomes a desperate race to save not only the life of their charge, but his very soul!

The Story So Far…

Late December, 1874
  • Each of the characters receives a communication (perhaps a telegraph, letter, even a direct Pony Express rider, depending on their current location) from Irving Blacklund, the reknowned owner of Blacklund Mining Co., headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  Blacklund has heard tales of the characters' prior exploits, and is interested in hiring each of them for a simple enough job, should they choose to meet with him on December 29th in his offices.  
  • Whatever their personal goals (or, perhaps, because of them), each character sees the benefit in making a friend of such an influential man as Irving Blacklund.  As such, each makes personal arrangements to attend the meeting with their potential employer.
December 29th, 1874


"What We Leave Behind": A Deadlands Weird West saga
The Obligatory Intro Post

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