Character Creation

Characters for this campaign will be created using the basic methods in the Deadlands (Classic) Player's Handbook, with the following exceptions:


  • Traits: Players can draw two separate sets of stats, and choose their preferred draw.  They cannot intermingle stats from the two draws – they must choose Draw 1, or Draw 2.  Follow the rest of the process as normal – draw 12 card, discarding 2 – though you cannot discard Deuces or Jokers.  Assign the 10 remaining scores to your Corporeal and Mental Traits.
  • Aptitudes:  Aptitudes are calculated as normal (Knowledge + Smarts + Cognition die types = total aptitude points).  Certain aptitudes have "basic" levels already assigned – points spent here are cumulative with the base skill level (climbin' 1, search 1, sneak 1, area knowledge: home county 2, language: native language 2).  Any starting aptitude at level 4 or 5 requires justification in the character's backstory.
  • Edges & Hindrances: No Edges or Hindrances are expressly disallowed, though see below for recommendations and choices I'd discourage.  Anything is honestly open, though, if you can justify it in-character to my satisfaction.

    • Recommended Edges: Brave, Friends in High Places, Reknown – Any of the above would explain your value as an employee.
    • Discouraged Edges: Arcane Background – Shaman, Law Man, Rank – Law Man & Rank would tie characters too much geographically for the scope of the campaign.  Shamans are disallowed at least at the initial launch of campaign – they could be incorporated as recruited characters later in the campaign, if interested.
    • Recommended Hindrances: Curious, Heroic, Loyal – these make you more valuable to ME as a tool for manipula…errr, character development! :)
    • Discouraged Hindrances: Outlaw (3-5), Wanted (3-5) – It would be quite difficult to justify your employment with either of these Hindrances.

Character Creation

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